Wednesday, March 16, 2011

early bird catches the worm, late bird loses the friend

It has been a long time since my last post and I am afraid this isn't much of a happy note. I had one of those days again. One of those days where I wish that I could be wired differently. Sometimes I wish I could be more organized, on tops of things, and well just able to complete my daily goals. I had a post awhile ago about my daily 5. I still do them and I had a big five-filled goal day today.

1) Go to in-service work meeting with other facilitators.
2) Help out a friend and be a model for his costume make-up class
3) Win the BYU's Spelling Bee.
4) Attend meeting for friend's new club "Friends of Palestine"
5) Take my big history midterm at 8

I was able to only do one of those 5. I took the test and I feel really good about it but the day did not start off the way I wanted. I woke up late and missed work meeting and coincidentally woke up at the exact minute I was suppose to meet my friend Adam. 13 minutes late I run to the HFAC hoping he is still there but he told me I was too late. I really disappointed him. Well, after that I felt really done and I threw myself into studying. I had to miss meeting and spelling bee....all things that I wish would have been on a different night.

My biggest regret...letting down a really good friend. I can't stand feeling like I am undependable.