Friday, December 31, 2010

A lot of time on my hands

The purchasing of Netflix may have been the best and the worst decision I made during this break. Sure, now I am caught up on all the film/t.v. I could ever want to follow but more specifically I got caught up on all the great Arabic films Netflix has to offer. "Paradise Now" is and will always be my favorite Arabic film. They show it in all the MESA classes and I am sure it is offered as extra credit in some other classes too. The film is simply amazing. I mostly love to listen to the Shami Arabic in it. I love the film because it portrays the reality that faces many young disillusioned Arab youth in the region. Suicide bombing is a product of its environment. I would never condone the act but I recognize the patterns and understand the emotions behind it. "Paradise Now" conveys those emotions perfectly. This post was not suppose to get me talking about big issues like suicide bombing. The source of the post is much more superficial. It began with me watching the movie on my computer and just thinking about how great Kasi Nashef is. Is he not the most beautiful man? I hope that every person( interested in the Middle East or not) will watch this movie.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Legos aren't just for kids

this is my personal favorite.

Name that show/film.
Alex Eylar uses his love of legos and pop culture to create art. To see more great moments in film/lego history click here.
This post was inspired by Sarai's Snape lego man.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Pretty girl, fancy nails.

The best niece in the world. Her Jordanian Arabic is coming along swimmingly.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Freaks and Geekathon

IFC in all of their infinite wisdom put on a weekend long Freaks and Geeks marathon just to keep me company during my couch-strickening seasonal cold. The hours of entertainment could not  have come at a better time. I was also happy to spy with my little eye a guest role played by Jason Schwartzman as the skeezy fake ID guy. I been left in quite the predicament in trying to decide which character I love more. The quirky and sensitive Bill or the wise sage Harris? I just cannot choose.

Friday, December 24, 2010

There is HOPE.

Meet Mavis.

Do you remember back in elementary school when your teacher led your class to the computer lab twice a week to practice your typing with some fun basketball speed typing game? Well, I went to every one of those lessons and I enjoyed every game. The only problem is I was a cheater. I always looked at my fingers and I never fully mastered the home key finger positions. The ugly truth is I am a 21 year old non-typer. I have been pecking away at class papers, Gchat convos, and blog posts for years. This is something of an embarrassment when it comes to typing in front of people. This last summer, I was among fellow peckers in the computer class I taught. I learned a very valuable lesson from working with the women in my class. I learned life is about growing, learning, and improving one's self. One women who helped me realize this was named Intisaar. Her name in Arabic means triumph and that is exactly what she did everyday. Intisaar was in her late 40's and she was always so excited to learn. She helped me realize that you are never too old to learn.

This is where a certain Christmas gift from Hayley comes in. Hay has laughed at me forever about my meager attempts at speedy typing. She thoughtfully with a little tongue and cheek gave me Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing cd for her annual Xmas gift. So, I think I found my new project for Christmas Break. Thanks for the present, Hayface.

Monday, December 20, 2010

a trivial war.

The same seasonal breaks from BYU that allow me to relinquish my scholarly duties for a few weeks also allow me to pick up a friendly game of Trivial Pursuit with the old high school crowd. Over the years, the level of excitement and anticipation for this game of trivia has fluctuated but the level of competition has remained the same. The original roster of players has changed over time but we have been able to hold on to many of the genuine competitors. The intent of the game is purely for entertainment purposes yet the night always seems to escalate and end in tears, raised voices, and challenges for another trivial match. I have a feeling tonight's game will not be any different from past games. Perfect Jordan will win and Katie will be so mad. It is sure to be war.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

So this is what it feels like........

I have been awake for 36hrs straight.
I just lied in bed for an hour but I can't sleep.
Too much to cram before my last three finals end.
Oh the joy of nervous butterflies in the stomach.
No dancing sugar plums in my dreams tonight. Just Google docs full of information about marsh Arabs in Iraq and the function of kizelbashes during the Ottoman empire.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Art amidst the conflict

Even though I should be studying and not blogging, I could not help but share these amazing images I came across while "studying." The elusive and prolific British graffiti artist Banksy knows how to make a statement. His political and satirical works can be seen even in the Middle East. The works above are all from the Israeli concrete barrier that sections off much of the West Bank. This wall serves as one of the greatest "barriers" to reaching any kind of peaceful resolution between Palestine and Israel. With every concrete section erected, the lesser the likelihood of Palestine participating in peace talks with the Israelis. Israel uses the wall as a protective measure but it is also strategic as it continues to take up Arab land and force Palestinians out of their ancestral homes. Though Banksy is a foreigner, he successfully captures the prospective and the hope of every Palestinian living behind the wall.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Meeting Mister Heavenly

I shook Micheal Cera's hand tonight. I shook his hand and told him that his band did a really great job. He was exactly what I thought he would be like. He was a snarky prepubescent looking bass player. So, he was basically like all the characters he has ever played in film and t.v.

The general atmosphere of Kilby Court was a little agitated tonight. Everyone knew why everyone else was there. I don't think anyone really cared about the opening bands or even Mister Heavenly's music. Micheal Cera literally stole the show away from everyone. I can't help but imagine the tour bus talk after each show. I am sure all the guys sit around laughing about all the incredibly witty comments yelled at them between song transitions. "Hey, George Micheal" was my favorite for this evening. I enjoyed the musical performance of all the band members but I cannot honestly say that I went to the show for the collective group. I, like everyone else tonight, went to go see the endearing awkward George Micheal personality of Micheal Cera.

I felt sort of foolish just walking up to him and fawning over him like the others but I don't regret cutting off this crazy blonde girl telling(not politely asking) Micheal Cera that he should take a picture with her and her friends. He was sassy to her and I appreciated that. It was a good night of friends, music, and celebrity encounters.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Yes, a post about finals.....

I wish the stacks of books I have to read looked this good.

To the average college student, finals is a word that is more taboo than He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named's name.
You know finals week has hit when you find your self asking people how they are more than once in a single conversation. A common mistake that I make occasionally with quick passings but more consistently during my scattered days of final studying. Many kids are lucky and get to experience the joy of finals weeks. The week before finals always seems to be my busiest time in a semester. But I thought I would try and post a little something before the true craziness marks me with its black X.

There are perks to finals week that I think go unrecognized.
My favorite things about the last week of school:
1. The HBLL's extended hours with the closing songs that play. Last night, I got to exit the library with a ear full of some cheery Christmas music. Seriously, the library is a place I save for special occasions and that is what keeps my bitterness at bay about spending hours upon hours in the dark underbelly of the Hublib.(trying out my new name for the lib)
2. Book buy backs.....extra cash to spend on that special someone.
3. The enjoyment of working super hard and stressing out so much to have it all be over in a matter of three hours.

It will be all over soon enough. That's the greatest perk.