Monday, February 28, 2011

word on the street

So, I might be a terrible dater. Apparently, I lack focus and may be a bit to nonchalant in the ritualistic elements of courtship. With that all said, I tend to agree with some of these comments I have recently received. I have had a few misadventures in dating and now it would seem they are not all the boy's fault. Looks like I will just have to practice....or just stay home and watch enough romantic comedies to get it right.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Campus Crush

Do any of you have that mysterious someone you see in all your regular places and even randomly around school? I have seen a certain fella around school this whole semester and I saw him again today. I see him in the library, the Kennedy Center, outside the JFSB. He just shows up. I am not sure if he is single, dating, or engaged but I am slowly working up confidence to go up and talk to him. Oh campus crush, when can we meet, share a milkshake, talk about our shared love of various tv shows, and be bf and gf?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Daily Bunny

A little while ago my friend showed me The Daily Bunny blog. Every day there is anew bunny to see. I have never wanted a bunny so much. I think I should get one for Easter. My room mates would be cool with that. I think.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

There is a house( more like a hotel but lets keep things quaint). In this house there lives Couch. At first glance, Couch seems like a very normal and well-adjusted little piece of furniture. She once was covered with a purple patterned throw from Bed Bath and Beyond but is now completely unhidden. She has no complexes about her rips, tears, or stains but rather she embraces them and wears them like badges of honor. She is obviously older in years and would justifiable be a little rough around the edges in manner and smell but she is not. While all seems normal and average, something is different about Couch. Couch has one of those magnetic personalities. Upon entering the house, everyone is drawn to her. Couch has a way of relieving stress in peoples lives. Her inviting manner allows friends to sit, relax, and forget all their problems. I love Couch. She has been so good to me but I am afraid that Couch and I must sever our ties at this point in time. Couch has distracted me too much from my studies. She exhaust me. Her very presence makes my eyes go heavy. I don't need comfort. I need life and energy. No more sleep when there is studying to be done. I am just going to stop spending so much time with her and just stay at school more. It is for the best.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Free at last

Mubarak stepping down from his position as the president of Egypt has several meanings.
Firstly, It means freedom for the Egyptian people. Their country now belongs to them.
Second, It means that there is a chance that the country could stabilize just in time for us to end up studying Arabic there this fall.
Thirdly, This day has meant full points on all in-class assignments and gives us Middle East Studies majors to throw a raging party celebrating Egyptian independence.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pinching Pennies

I have been wanting to save up money, gather friends, and go to a Coachella Fest show for quite some time and this year's lineup is looking too good to ignore but I have bigger things to also save up money for( i.e. mandatory study abroad). Is anyone else interested? We could eat and sleep down there for free. My aunt lives about ten minutes away from the Polo grounds. Sure the festival is around finals time but.........Kanye!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

locked out

Two seconds after finishing the last post I locked myself out of my apartment with no keys or phone. I am currently in my complex's laundry facility with nothing but my striped peejees on and my dirty clothes that I am washing to pass the time. If any one reads this and wants to call Mira, my room mate, that would be great.

Save me.

Dinner Picnic

One of the biggest appreciations brought back with me from Jordan was for food, Arabic and Mediterranean-style food. Mostly just anything that I can drown in yogurt I love. Many of the meals I ate were very communal and there was a ceremony about it. It is a time for family, friends, room mates, and even stranger to sit down and enjoy one another. Usually that means not a lot of talking but my roomie and I had some lovely conversations. She is such a good sport about things( she hates this Vietnamese place that I love and she went and ate with me because I was sick and needed some comfort food). Her family never sits on the floor to eat but I told her that I really missed it and she did it with me. It was our date night. We both needed a good time with kebab, stuffed grape leaves, and YOGURT (leban).

Thursday, February 3, 2011

barely functioning

went to class at three....woke up at 2:30
went to bed at 9 last night......hate the taste of liquid medicine.

But thank goodness for NPR Tiny Desk Concerts.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

follow up on last post

Since Monday I have.....
Payed the hefty traffic ticket I had.
Studied Arabic a little.
Tried a new recipe out on 6 guinea pigs.
I also fell asleep to thinking about reading a book.

I really just don't feel well and I just want to sleep.
To do list day 3:
1. Go to bed before 9.....check.