Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dumpster Diving at my leisure

This morning started out like any other day except my roommate, Courtney, walked to school with me. In haste, I left the house without my keys and did not realize that until I was standing infront of my locked apartment hoping that one of my roommates was coming home soon. Luckily, Michelle, my other roommate, was at home. I probably should have looked for my keys then but I had some more pressing matters(making the best turkey sandwich ever!) to attend to. It did not occur to me till i had to be at a MESA meeting that I needed my keys. I could not find them anywhere. i tore my room to pieces looking for them but they were lost for good. Then I said a little prayer and I thought to look in the trash. Oh but I had just taken the trash out the nastiest apartment dumpster ever. So, There I am with the dumpster waiting for some guys to walk into their place before I dig into the dumpster of despair. It was actually quite easy finding my trash bag and my keys were in a wod of The NY Times' art and leisure section. In the end my keys are safe and have been wiped down with anti-bacteral cloths and my mind is at peace. Now i don't have to be fined for losing my key. Yaya. Oh and If Courtney ever reads this, It was not your fault. Your are the bast lil Mum ever.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Starving Sucker

So, I bought a Starving Student card and now I'm starving because I have no money to buy real food. I hate when salesman come to my door and are so persuasive with dumb products. The salesman really related to me by sharing that he was also a BYU student. He had my heartstrings at hello. It is even worse when this awful engaged boy/salesperson follows one to come back into one's room and looks at all one's dirty clothes while one buys their product online with their assistance. Hmmm I am a sucker.