Wednesday, March 16, 2011

early bird catches the worm, late bird loses the friend

It has been a long time since my last post and I am afraid this isn't much of a happy note. I had one of those days again. One of those days where I wish that I could be wired differently. Sometimes I wish I could be more organized, on tops of things, and well just able to complete my daily goals. I had a post awhile ago about my daily 5. I still do them and I had a big five-filled goal day today.

1) Go to in-service work meeting with other facilitators.
2) Help out a friend and be a model for his costume make-up class
3) Win the BYU's Spelling Bee.
4) Attend meeting for friend's new club "Friends of Palestine"
5) Take my big history midterm at 8

I was able to only do one of those 5. I took the test and I feel really good about it but the day did not start off the way I wanted. I woke up late and missed work meeting and coincidentally woke up at the exact minute I was suppose to meet my friend Adam. 13 minutes late I run to the HFAC hoping he is still there but he told me I was too late. I really disappointed him. Well, after that I felt really done and I threw myself into studying. I had to miss meeting and spelling bee....all things that I wish would have been on a different night.

My biggest regret...letting down a really good friend. I can't stand feeling like I am undependable.


  1. Sorry your day was so rough. The good news is, I still have a major crush on you and think you are the best. (This is Katie Wade btw, I think it will post me as Katherine.) Either way, blog more. I like reading your posts.

  2. Oh I hate that too. Sometimes the sleepnapper slips something in the drink.

  3. Spelling bee? I want to be in one of those. I bet they are harder in college than they were in my elementary days.

    Buck up. Your friend will stop being disappointed in no time. And if not, tell him to give me a call. I will straighten things out.

  4. Thanks Hayface, things got patched up over a Jdawgs after our Friday class together. It is all good.