Friday, April 29, 2011

longer days and shorter thoughts

I feel like I have been neglecting my blog and my whole 37 followers for these last couple of weeks. I am still convinced that my mom, Hayley, and Sarai are the only people in this world who even really read my blog. Cdfunk once tell me that my blog will never be "blogfamous" and to this day that does not really affect what I do with my own blog. In a world of chaos and random tangents, I have found my blog to be a place of refuge and reflection from/on the storm of thoughts that race through my head.

The last little while, my world has been filled with:

the usual.

there have been so many new occurrences and new people that I can't help but miss the old. These last few weeks have moved so quickly that I barely have time to stop and think about people anymore. So many wonderful things are happening. Mission calls, baby bornings, weddings, graduations, big moves, new jobs, and even more grown up things. It makes me feel more in the mood for the next big thing for me. I feel like my next big thing is me holding on to a job longer than 2 months while going to school. I welcome this crazy adventure with open arms.

Also, I think cdfunk is working on finding me a boyfriend as well. We will see how that goes.


  1. I still read your blog! Because I miss you...

  2. I am glad you have been doing some final spacking.

    P.s. Graduation is next Friday at 6:45 I think we are zupa-ing around 5.

  3. I think I read "gun packing" in that paragraph.