Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Starving Sucker

So, I bought a Starving Student card and now I'm starving because I have no money to buy real food. I hate when salesman come to my door and are so persuasive with dumb products. The salesman really related to me by sharing that he was also a BYU student. He had my heartstrings at hello. It is even worse when this awful engaged boy/salesperson follows one to come back into one's room and looks at all one's dirty clothes while one buys their product online with their assistance. Hmmm I am a sucker.


  1. I bought a newspaper from one of those idiots once. Never read a single thing in it. Brought them in one door and out the other to the dumpster.

    I guess it beats the time I told a door-to-door salesman that I spoon with his mom.

  2. you a bigger sucker than I. I never buy those stupid student starver cards. does that mean we get some sort of two for one deal tomorra night!?