Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dumpster Diving at my leisure

This morning started out like any other day except my roommate, Courtney, walked to school with me. In haste, I left the house without my keys and did not realize that until I was standing infront of my locked apartment hoping that one of my roommates was coming home soon. Luckily, Michelle, my other roommate, was at home. I probably should have looked for my keys then but I had some more pressing matters(making the best turkey sandwich ever!) to attend to. It did not occur to me till i had to be at a MESA meeting that I needed my keys. I could not find them anywhere. i tore my room to pieces looking for them but they were lost for good. Then I said a little prayer and I thought to look in the trash. Oh but I had just taken the trash out the nastiest apartment dumpster ever. So, There I am with the dumpster waiting for some guys to walk into their place before I dig into the dumpster of despair. It was actually quite easy finding my trash bag and my keys were in a wod of The NY Times' art and leisure section. In the end my keys are safe and have been wiped down with anti-bacteral cloths and my mind is at peace. Now i don't have to be fined for losing my key. Yaya. Oh and If Courtney ever reads this, It was not your fault. Your are the bast lil Mum ever.

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