Friday, March 5, 2010

Hipsters and a little culture

Tonight Aly Jenkins called me to go check out this art exhibit downtown but then we saw that the shows ended at 9. It was 9:16. Luckily, I spotted this great little Indian/Pakistani shop called Bollywood. Not only did I find great hipsters shopping around in the market, I also found some great treats. The store was a small shop and I noticed that one of the sales ladies was following Aly and me around the store. She was the cutest lady! She is from Nepal and that is about all the personal info I got out of her. She led me to some great treats though. Some of the packages had Arabic writing on them so i read one package that said "Mango Kream." The sales lady pushed me to get some choco biscuits instead. What a cool lady and place. i need to go back soon and peruse their selection of Bollywood film!

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