Saturday, May 8, 2010

A new camera for jOrdon

Above is the first picture my camera has ever taken.

I decided that getting a camera for Jordan would be a good idea. This Nikon CoolPix would be the first non disposable camera I have ever had. At the beginning of my search for the perfect camera, I consulted with my very knowledgeable camera man, Tyler. I asked him, "what would be the best camera to get for Jordan?", and he responded, "how much are you will to give to the Jordanian pick pockets?" I realize there is a high probability that my Coolpix could get hijacked but I am a risk taker. I will not let this camera out of my sight.


  1. i think this was a good decision for you.
    i also think you are adorable. i also think most people should have more faith in the human race.

  2. X-pecting lots of pictures before that there gets stolen.