Saturday, August 7, 2010

Nostalgic California

My family surprised me with news of a California trip just hours of getting home from my summer away. I had not seen the sunny state, that I once called home, in over a year. Driving down the I10 and feeling the heat from the outside always sharpens my fuzzy memories of desert living. Palm Springs in the summer time is hot. You wake up and it is hot. You go to bed and it is hot. I found myself wishing I was back in Jordan because the weather there is actually cooler than Palm Springs. Nostalgia hits me harder than the heat when I visit the desert. I saw my old high school and we ate at our favorite old sandwich place. It is fun to go back to where I grew up and see how things have changed.

My mom got to experience some old home town nostalgia as well. We took a day trip to Huntington Beach to get some sun on our Utahan skin and to get escape the heat. My momma took us to the beach where she would walk to as a kid and then she showed us her elementary school and old house. It was bitter sweet as we pulled up to the house and saw that the new tenants had completely remodeled the place leaving it almost unrecognizable. Things just never seem to stay the same.

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