Friday, August 27, 2010

Salt Lake City: Quick visit for friends and free entertainment

Twilight Series Concert: I am sure some of the 40,000 some odd people that showed up to Pioneer Park were disappointed due to the fact that the city was not holding a free showing of Twilight films to the people but were instead paying a corky old school-feeling rock band to entertain people. She and Him. I think it is really more of her than him. The Salt Lake crowd was overwhelmed by Zooey's adorable performance and hip ensemble. When she jumped, the crowd jumped. When she sang, the crowd sang. She had everyone eating out of her palm. While I am not the biggest Zooey fan, I was well entertained by the sweet and well-dressed
triple threat( she sings, acts, and can bang the tambourine.) It was a good night to share with friends. It is feeling good to be back up north and about to start a whole new school year. I find comfort in the fact that I do have friends to share my free time with up here but I miss my pal Sarai terribly. But we all shall reunite over the musical talents of Sufjan Stevens in November. That will really be a night.


  1. oooh!!!!! YES! I'm in this one!!!!
    I miss you too. :(

    Ha ha. Hayley got you.