Friday, October 7, 2011

Afternoon with Sami in Ruseifa

"Ruseifa smells like poo!" - Sami al-Jamal
 Ruseifa is a small town outside of Amman from where my dear pal Sami's extended family lives. For those who have been following my blog for awhile, you might remember other posts about Sami. Sami and I study Arabic together at BYU and are now studying Arabic in Amman, Jordan. Sami al-Jamal is a half Louisianian-Palestinian from the village of Sureef and he lived in Ruseifa and Amman till he was eight. Today, he invited G-rat, Papa John and myself to journey to this small urinal-smelling town. The beginning of the trip started off rocky with the lack of public transportation running from Amman to Ruseifa.
We ended up taking a taxi to the town for 5 dinars instead of our pre-estimated 40 qersh(50 cent) bus ride. 
Above: Sami exiting taxi after haggling costs with the driver.

To qualify the ghettoness of this place I have included these graffiti abandon building wall arts.

Yep.....that is Sami standing next to his name.

G-rat, Papa John in back and Sami in front...walking through the streets of Ruseifa. Sami wanted to show us his baba's house.

Sami found his Uncle Musa.

When we arrived at Sami's auntie and uncle's house, we were greeted with kisses and Ma'loubeh. Ma'loubeh's awesomeness has also been noted in previous blahg posts. I also feel like the pictures speak for themselves. Just look at G-Rat's face! 
The hardest part about being in Jordan is being so far away from family. I love being able to experience family life here whenever I can. The people here are so warm and willing to do anything for you. Sami's auntie asked if I had  a warm coat for winter here and when I replied, "No." She immediately ran out of the room and returned with jackets in hand. Arabs will literally give you the clothes off there backs. The hospitality in this country is remarkable and I grow to love these people more everyday. Thanks again Sami for sharing your family with us today.


  1. I can not believe that he took you to that crap hole of a town! HAHA

    Did you meet my Aunt Hyiam?

  2. That mustache... it's amazing.

    Miss you Yenni.

  3. Tell Sami how much your family appreciates his families hospitality and kindness offered to you.

  4. Layla, I loved Ruseifa....mostly because of your aunt, uncle, rana, and randa. They are amazing people. I think I have just about met everyone in your extended Arab family...except for Mohammed. He was in Khalda visiting Ibrahim.

    Sarai, I miss you too.

    Mama, words and actions wll never be able to express my gratitude for these people but Sami and I will put our heads together and think of a way.