Saturday, October 22, 2011

Dumpster Dog

Last night, Jordan and I heard the sound of distress coming through the window from the street. The other night I had met a little puppy out on the street and it followed me for a bit and I knew it had to be the same dog. Street animals are not an uncommon resident in any Jordanian neighborhood. However, a dog is! The majority and the mangiest of the street critters who frequent the local garbage dumpster in Jordan is the cat. I do not have a soft spot in my heart for the diseased felines of Amman but this pup from the other night was special. Jordan and I hit the street in search of the little guy/or girl. We were about to give up the search when we saw some neighborhood  shabab(youth) kicking the dog and causing it to cry out and seek refuge under the dumpster. The boys had run away by the time we got to the little pup. Jordan was able to fish her( we found out latter that it was in fact a little she pup) out from underneath the refuse receptacle.

It was love at first sight for Jordan. He swept her up in his arms and brought her immediately inside. I must say that I am usually opposed to bringing rabid street animals into homes but like I said previously this dog was different. She was scared and covered in dirt, filth, and grime. Jordan washed her till the water ran clear and he fed her some chicken and we got her some water. She was exhausted from the evening's events and went straight to bed out on the boy's balcony for the night.

I was excited waking up this morning with hopes of taking Hiba (puppy) for a walk or teaching her some tricks. Dreams fizzled out as the boys informed me that the puppy's owner had come for the dog. The guys came across the little kid while playing tag football in the street. The little boy swore he didn't know anything about the dogs misadventures and promised to take better care of her. A little while later the boy returned asking if they had the dog again. The irresponsible brat had lost Hiba again. If I find her again, I will not be giving her back. I hope I see/ or hear from the pup soon.

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