Sunday, November 6, 2011

Away for a few days

Day One: Rainy Amman

Windy Karak

Musical rababa player with a shifty salesman brother.

Walking through the Siq up to the Treasury

Bedouin Army Man

The most dignified cat I have seen in Jordan so far

nationalistic pit stop


Southern Utah?

Tourist Ants

This is the car

jeeping in Wadi Rum

Camel keeper.
It was good to get away this weekend and get some touristing in before we all have to buckle down and study hard for impending finals just around this month's corner. Like all vacations, the end is always the sweetest part. After long days, exorbitant soda prices, and crowded public places, I am so glad to be back home in my frozen tundra home.
This weeks goal: get our apartment's heater working. 

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