Monday, November 15, 2010

Numb Days

I was cooped up in the house all day yesterday.
It was just one of those lethargic days.
I hate those days that pass by so fast. The days where you did nothing but not in a therapeutic way. The days where you just go numb and the hours of the day tick-tock there way down to nothing.

I remedied this feeling of no feeling by walking. I have developed an affinity for taking walks. This isn't very logical given the season it is but the weather does not inhibit me.

I am convinced walking can solve any problem. Some problems take longer walks but eventually tangled thoughts become untangled and restless legs become tired in a good way.

I think I have found a cure for my numb days.


  1. Aw man. I walk a lot too! I wish we could walk together.

    Also, Jay Z says Beyonce isn't pregnant. Man, it's just gonna be one of those weeks huh?

    Harry Potter comes out though. You going to see it?

  2. Walking is the best.
    I have also found running is doing the trick though it means less sleep.
    What you doing Saturday?

  3. Oh no! Beyonce! Will that ghetto fabulous couple ever procreate?
    I don't have tickets for HP but I want to see it during Thanksgiving. Wanna see it with me?

    Hayley, I am not doing anything. Lets play.