Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Casimir Pulaski Day

This last Monday, I saw Mr. Sufjan Stevens perform in Salt Lake and it was utterly fantastic. He is incredibly charismatic, eccentric, and the most handsomest young man ever! I enjoyed the show immensely but was disappointed by Sufjan's non-playing of Casimir Pulaski. Do not mistake me by any means.....the show was glorious and he did satisfy me with his collaborative show of new and old songs. The opportunity to hear Age od Adz live warmed me up more to the idea of his new futuristic sound. Sufjan was everything and more I thought he would be.

Anyways, I claim Casimir Pulaski to be my favorite song yet I uncharacteristically never googled information about the song. I was fickling around on today and found a live recording of my beloved song and Sufjan told me all I need to know about the song. Casimir Pulaski was a famous general in the civil war and every year the state of Illinois recognizes this great man and does not hold school the first Monday of every March out of respect. Just thought I would share this little factoid with you all. Sorry to everyone who knew this already. I am behind the times.


  1. Jenni, that's really weird, because I just happened to be listening to Sufjan and just happened to read about Casimir Pulaski on Wikipedia today... Anyways, glad you liked the concert!

  2. remember that time when we had a test to study for and you were too busy looking about info about sufjan songs and i was too busy looking at your blog? im done with school...