Friday, November 5, 2010

Oh the monotony

What do you do when every blog you look at seems to be blogging about all the same things?
What if your blog is one of those blogs?
I guess blogging is not an original idea and should not be expected to be anything new and cutting edge.
I kind of feel like Natalie Portman in the movie Garden State in this capacity.
So, How might you remedy this monotonous situation?
Well, whenever Natalie's character feels unoriginal she tries to do something completely original so that she can feel unique again.
I like what the poster above says. I can just see this hanging in a high school near student's lockers and students after reading this swear under their breath and walk away with disdain. Who thinks of this stuff?


  1. ba ha.
    uniqueness is sooo over-rated.

  2. just because you may be doing something that everyone else is doing. it's never the same.
    you're always unique.
    because you're always you.
    there is no such thing to me as being the same as everybody else.

    no matter how hard you try.

    well golly.
    thats my stance.
    thats coming from someone who was voted most unique in high school. pah hah hah. ridiculous.

  3. Hey Jenni, weren't you voted class clown? Oh, wait...