Monday, June 7, 2010

Mantastic Americana

Some days, when I come home from a long day of office working, I like to sit on my bed with a stack of pillows behind me and escape into the melodic magic of MY American music. Recently, I have found bluesy bliss in the Black Keys new album "Brothers." Of course, complete allusiveness cannot be totally achieved in my energetic Arab home but I enjoy spreading the "westoxication" of my eclectic musical tastes. I have already hooked my host sister, Joud, on The Beatles by introducing her to the song "Hey Jude." She loves that they say her name over and over again throughout the length of the song. The song has sparked some conflict in the home though..........Hamoudeh is now demanding a western song with his name in the lyrics. I have searched diligently but have not succeeded in finding a " Hey Hamoudeh" song. We compromise by just swapping the names out from time to time.

Unfortunately my influence has been only superficial, the kids still think my music is weird and call my favorite artists "magnuun" (crazy). Kids just don't understand.

1 comment:

  1. yum. i lub the black keys.
    and you. and your adventure.
    and i'm glad i know you.
    k bye.
    love tif.