Thursday, June 17, 2010

One Hypoallergenic Cat= Happy Me

Everyone, meet Potchi(pooootcheee). Potchi is a domesticated carnivorous feline from the family felidae.
Potchi is the only Felis catus in the entire world, maybe the universe, that I am not allergic too. Potchi and I have known each other for a little more than a month. Our first meeting was awkward, to say the least. I was afraid that my home life for the next few months would be terribly uncomfortable due to the sensitivity of my hystamine production.

Luckily, things are merry between Potchi and me. She likes to slip into my a moire and cuddle up on my clean neatly folded clothes. Her hair gets all over and I don't sneeze. It is a miracle. Ilhamddu lilaah. I was meant to be in the Alissa home.


  1. oh wow. congrats.
    i'm the most allergetic to cats.

    you're cool jenface.
    i admire you and i thing your adventure is good for your soul heart and mind.
    and sharing it is even better for me. :)

    ps. my blog address has changed.

    love you.

  2. Baby, i really love your blog. I am inspired by you words and beautiful pictures. thanks for always supporting me.