Friday, June 18, 2010

Rooz Kreespee Trait?

Yesterday, I had somewhat of a culinary disaster at my work. Thursdays are designated as our free/baking day and I was trying to introduce the women I work with to a classic dessert, brownies. The plan was flawless on paper. I had the recipe all written out. I converted all the American measurements to miligrams and grams but a surprise hit me when I entered the communal kitchen. I discovered that the women have no measuring utensils, stirring instruments, or proper pans. The girls were up for the challenge though. In the spirit of Tim Gunn, they made it work.

The ingredients blended well and the girls were excited. I thought the brownies would be fully cooked in about 20 minutes but they started burning after ten.
The brownies were ruined.
I experienced true charity as the girls lined up and filled their plates with the brownie-like product.
I just kept saying:
Mish Zaaki( not delicious)

But they all swallowed with smiles and assured me of my success with kisses.

I am now determined to practice all my recipes before showing the girls. Today Joud and I made Rice Krispie Treats together. I am Americanizing this family one day at a time. They really love it and I enjoy sharing my family favorites with my favorite Jordanian family.

My best part about being here in Jordan is living with a host family. Having the opportunity to share experiences, jokes, and hardships with my Jordanian family has kept me grounded during my time here. I learn the most about my Jordanian family when we eat or when Fida is showing me how to cook various secret family dishes. So, today was just another learning and growing time.


  1. oh! my Spanish teacher María Jesús lit up when she started talking about rice krispy treats. unfortunately i couldn't find the ingredients to make them for her.

  2. Jenny, I don't care what Cyrus says, we can make it work... Haha, I love this story. It wass good seeing you this weekend!