Saturday, June 26, 2010

Artsy Amman

Now that my time in Jordan is beginning to wind down, I have become more motivated to seek out the hidden treasures of my home city of Amman. Amman is known as "The White City" because of the layers and layers of chalky-colored buildings. But as I walk the bespeckled streets and look out onto the staggered neighborhoods, I cannot help but see all the color and life of the city. Amman is composed of several unique neighborhoods which offer a little something different. Today, I visited one of my favorite areas in the the city, Duwwar Baris in Jabal al-Weibdeh. Like most of Amman, al-Weibdeh is a neighborhood full of contrast. One can see the grittiness of an old fruit stand and then turn the corner and see the grandeur of a lofty villa home. It is this diversity that always keeps me guessing and allows me to experience the joy of Amman's hidden treasures. Dar al-Anda is the gem of al-Weibdeh. It is situated in an unlikely place and possesses one the the most scenic overlooks of the city. The Dar al-Anda gallery welcomes its visitors with a burning burgundy border and then leads them down a potted plant path which then crosses the line where old city transforms into new city. We found the gallery in a somewhat discouraging order. Workmen and employees were in the midst of preparing the venue for its new Australian exhibition. I was able to catch a peak of some pieces from the old show. The artwork of the Arab world has an interesting perspective. I saw a mix between political and religious and even a little humor. There were also wire sheep, totem pole wall hangings, and cryptic messages within the surrounding landscape......oh my.


  1. Jenny, what you wrote could have been in a travel guidebook. Very nice. Oh, and I love the mosaic picture as your background for your blog.

  2. thanks, baby. i need to take you there.

  3. I dig the art pics! And I agree with Faris Barak. Keep it coming.