Sunday, September 26, 2010

Visit to SG

Thanks to Jordan Frei's hospitality, I was able to make it down to St. George for a family visit and some Swiss Days fun. My allergies were less grateful and flustered me a bit but they did not get in the way of my adventures with ol' friends.
Friday night was blur of driving, arriving home to an empty house, eating at in n out with Truebloods and co, then stomping through Tiger's Trail with ceej, dave, and jordan and being attacked by an awful swarm of bats.
Saturday began with waffles and then Swiss Day festivities. Swiss Days happened to be right next to my house. In fact, two of the three ways of getting to my house were blocked off due to the fest.
Today was a nice Sunday. I saw my nephew participate in the his first Primary Program. After church, i broke bread with the Trueblood family. It is always a joy to visit their home and to witness the intricacy of their playful plots.

Thanks Truebloods for the thoughtful teasing of today!


  1. there was nothing awful about that swarm of bats. they were out probably trying to rid the world of malaria carrying mosquitos when you traipsed haphazardly into their home and then gave them quite the scare with those blood curdling screams of yours