Friday, October 29, 2010

cheer me up.

I kind of had a terrible day today. It was just one on "those" days. It all started with it being suggested that I might have ADHD and from there it just escalated. I hate when I just don't feel good about things. I can feel myself pushing people away and not being able to react rationally to how I feel. Luckily, God created Adrien Brody and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. Nothing makes me happier than watching Mr. Brody being his ruggedly adorable self on my home television screen and tis the season to stuff one's self with seasonal treats like cookies with pumpkin in them. I feel better already but enough deflecting. I need to make some changes. I need to feel better for reals.


  1. Hey.
    So I think some of the neuropsych testing I am doing looks for ADHD. Shall we try it and prove everyone wrong?

    Maybe you are really just sad because you were unwilling to come visit your friend in Salt Lake last night...

    Buck up! Two days and we will be listening to some handsome music with people we like.

  2. seagull dream,
    that is an excellent point. i will see you soon.

  3. who is telling you this?!?! i will cut them. anything for you, baby girl. i just love ya.

    lets do more movie nights!