Sunday, May 23, 2010

The case of the missing muftah.

In every job, there is always the chance of being blamed for something one did not do. Today's work incident was no different. I received a call from a fellow intern saying that she needed me at work very soon. I arrive to find our office locked and the key(muftah in arabic) to the office missing and no where to be found. Last Thursday, I received a call from my boss asking me who had the key to our office. She thought she had left her Iphone in our office from our meeting that we had earlier. I told her that we gave it to some tall computer tech guy...........I mean he just stuck his hand out and we gave him the key. He said he would take care of it.

Trusting someone with the key to all of your work and basically the only place you can be productive should not have been such a light decision. After over an hour and a half of wondering around the ministry and asking everyone who could know where the key is or where we could get a master key, the man (known as Malik) who we had given to the key to finally emerged from wherever he had been hiding. He was sneaky about this whole key incident and did not come forward and give us the key. Malik said that he gave it to our boss and told other people that and then this tough Arab lady got him to give it to us. It was such a weird moment. No reasoning behind it. But apparently, my boss thinks this whole situation was my fault and now we are not allowed to keep the key. We have become kindergarteners. But I am just glad to have gotten some work done today.


  1. Lets be honest this made me think of the movie Mr. Deeds. I'm very sneaky sir.

  2. haha was something like that.