Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fidaa's Big Independence Day

Jordan celebrated its 64th year of independence from British mandate today.The streets were filled with people selling Jordanian flags and other patriotic paraphernalia. Last night, we watched as young men dressed in very fancy suits screamed out of their expensive Mercedes, Audis, and SUVs in excitment for the holiday. Independence Days are usually exciting days for their citizens but today was especially exciting for my host mom, Fidaa, because tonight she was able to shake hands with King Abdullah and Queen Rania.

Fidaa works for the Ministry of Education and was invited to a reception in honor of Independence day and the royal family. So, this morning Joud, Fidaa, and I headed out to go shopping for Fidaa's big night! We went to some very chic European stores and found the best suit. Then it was off to the salon for hair and nails. It was fun to see Fidaa get all dressed up and to see her excitement in the opportunity to meet her sovereign. The people in Jordan truly love there rulers, the Hashem family. King Abdullah's picture, as well as pictures of the royal family, are everywhere in Jordan. I am able to admire the Jordanian Malik everyday as I work in my office. Patriotism is alive and well in Jordan.

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