Thursday, May 20, 2010

Walk About

I have been trying to get out and see the streets of the Amman a little more these days. After work today, Annie and I took a stroll between the 5th and 4th circle. We walked by all the big consulates and saw all the stern soldiers guarding each one. Algeria had the best building but Germany hands done had the best soldier.

Sidewalks are a bit difficult to walk in some areas. They are broken and forgotten.

After picking up some kibdeh and shwerma, we hopped a taxi and trekked up Jabal Webdieh towards Duwwar Paris. Annie had some travel business to sort out for our trips to Jerash, Petra, and Al Aqaba and I was just tagging along. East Amman is suppose to house the most ghetto of neighborhoods but I am strangely attracted to their rugged urban crust. The people are kind, the kids are hood rats, and the building are very old. I love everything about the edgier side of Amman.

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