Monday, May 10, 2010

Jordanian Hospitality

The kindness I have been shown over the past two days has been immense. I got to Amman with 5 numbers from strangers who insist I call them if I ever need a hot meal and good conversation while in Amman. It did not surprise me to discover my hosts, the al-Issa family, were just as kind and wonderful. Abdullah, his daughter joud, and Annie were there to meet me at the airport and Abdullah insisted on going to the cafe. I ordered the chocolate mousse and it was heaven. The water they served comes all wrapped up and purified. Due to the poor water system in Jordan I have to watch the kind of water I drink. We sat, ate, and talked for over an hour. we really were on Arab time. After dropping Annie home, I arrived at my new home and met Hamouda and Fida. Fida showed me to my room and found this freshly painted pin-striped room with brand new beds and fancy floral sheets. Fida and Joud, my auntie and little sis, did it all themselves. I spent my first evening talking with Abdullah and bonding over some yummy hummus and falafel. Amman is beginning to feel a lot like home. shukran li dyafitkom

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