Tuesday, July 13, 2010

quick update before my computer dies.....again

I have been a negligent blogger.
My computer charger decided that it just cannot power my computer without me holding it in place the whole time.
I have not had the time to sit and charge my computer here for more than ten minutes.
Many things have happened since my last post. My internship is coming to an end and I am starting to long for the comforts of home but at the same time I am already missing the people I have met and love here.

The realization that I will have to leave my work and the girls that I have gotten to know and love over the past 6 weeks is overwhelming. I want them to be healthy, happy, and continue their education. The huge problem with "sustainable development" is knowing how to keep the development process sustained. I am afraid their will be no one to teach anything after I leave. I have a few more weeks and I am working on a proposal to bring in English learning materials and update the computer lab with more than just one functioning computer. But if I have learned anything this summer, it has been that you cannot depend on any type of bureaucratic help. It is all about the trying though. All I can say is Insha Allah..............................that phrase has gained a greater meaning for me since being here. People really mean "if God wills it." They don't really try to make things work themselves...it is all up to Allah.

On a happier note I got to see the beautiful Nancy Agram(the cutest Arab singer in the world) and Queen Noor last night at the International Children's Congress concert. Nancy sang and Queen Noor just sat there looking classy. My favorite part of the evening was being able to see the arts of the Middle East. There were performances by modern dancers, a group of singers, and a very colorful display of fluttering flags from all over the world. I especially enjoyed the bursting claps that followed the announcement of the presence of Palestinian representatives at the conference. Some people really love their Palestine here.

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