Sunday, July 18, 2010

Attempted acts of tourism.

shababaat....chit chatting.
Blast Jordan and its festivals of culture!

Last night, the shabab and I attempted to see the ancient ruins of Amman's Citadel but our hopes were dashed as we were informed that the tourist attraction was closed due to the Jordan Music Festival. The integrity of the ruins were covered by advertisements and stadium seating. Although we were not able to see the fullness of the old site, we were able to enjoy the city scape from our serene location. I have found that I am better able to experience the vastness of Amman when I view it from its various lofty jabals(mountains). After not being permitted into the Citadel, the shabab and I took off walking through some windy streets until we found stairways built into the mountain that led to the city center.

We were able to make refuge of the night by enjoying some kunafa, cocktails, and a friendly game of shudda(really some random card game james was trying hard to teach me). What really topped it off was watching Fantastic Mr. Fox....a sketch copy too from Hamoudeh DVD. The pop corn, movie, and chilling in fancy expat part of town made me feel very American.

Although I like having some American time in Amman, I cherish the time I am able to spend on the streets talking to the people. My host papa, Abdullah, always tells me that I have to talk with the common people. That is only way I can aqcauint myself with the real Jordan.


  1. girl. that title picture is huge!
    Glad you are having fun times.
    I love Fantastic Mr. Fox.
    oh yeah. we watched it together.

  2. yeah...girl. I bought an HD copy of it here for about 1.50 american. Lets watch it when i get home in like 11 days!!!!!!!!!!