Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day trip/turns into overnight stay, gravel pits, farm animals, kind strangers.

I am racing through my last week. Now is the time to soak in everything around me. I was advised by a friend that I should do something cultural. So, early Monday morning I woke up and hopped on the first bus I found to the Badia.

All of my time in Jordan has been spent living and working in the city. I realize that there are two kinds of worlds in Jordan. There is the city and then the Bedouin. Life in the desert is very different from how people live in the city. I saw more traditional people and no places to buy shwerma. In the Badia, knowing people and having connections is everything. Luckily my Badia boys have friends who have horses and camels so I was able to have some kind of country entertainment.

In one day, I was able to see and do everything that the desert village of Salhiyya offers (if that gives you any indication of the remoteness of the desert.) I was glad to step out of the world I knew and see things through a different cultural lens.


  1. so cool.
    Man. I read all about the Bedouin in my anthropology class and sadly remember nothing. look at you and that camel. sheesh.

  2. So much fun, and a close call too - phew! And nice pics too. Send me the ones of James and I talking to the guards and us walking on the way to the school and us on the couch, if you think of it.