Sunday, July 25, 2010

Meeting with Her Excellency

Our final internship meeting with Her Excellency Halla Latouff was an excellent opportunity to share our thoughts and feeling about our time in Jordan and to understand the perspective the Minister has on development.

The goal all along has been about the transference of knowledge and culture. The Minister shared with us that one of her greatest experiences in life was the chance to spend a year of study in the U.S. when she was 16. To this day, she still keeps in contact with her host family and is still grateful for the eye-opening experience that has forever influenced her outlook on life. She explained that we are all just people with different past experiences, opinions, and attitudes towards life.

I will always remember my time in Jordan as a time that challenged me yet I am still optimistic. The exposure to different ideas, peoples, and ways of living has caused me to reflect on my own ideas, values, and ways of viewing the world. My opinion is this:

The world is full of ugly and hateful things but it still has the potential to change if there are those willing to facilitate change for the better.

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