Wednesday, July 14, 2010

IT has been too long old friend......

On a whim, I walked into the closest market to get some change for a taxi and what did I find? I found the most glorious dark thirst quencher to ever float across my taste buds. I found my dearest of all American beverages.........Dr. Pepper. I had heard rumors that this elusive elixir was sold at the US embassy but to find it on the common streets was a grand treat. It only cost me 1.50 for a small worth it. I love this country.


  1. I LOVE IT! I hope you are having SO MUCH FUN!!!!

  2. i once went to a place called Tallinn, Estonia. I along with some of my comrades, emptied a restaurant entirely of it's doctor pepper contents.

    i'm just saying.
    i know of it's greatness.
    especially when you haven't had it for months.

    love tif.