Monday, October 18, 2010

being a grown up is hard

Recently, I have been receiving strange calls at odd hours in the day from some Oregonian number. I finally call the suspicious number to see what the people on the other line have to say and I discovered it was the bank calling. Wells Fargo to be more specific. Every grown ups worse nightmare is having the money peoples after them. The money peoples told me that I had over 100 dollars that I owed on my Wells Fargo credit card. I had a hard time accepting this reality since I never received a death sentence in the form of a card that can both build your credit or obliterate it in one foul swoop so headed to the place where all the money is kept to find someone to talk to about this issue. So, I spoke with Kim, a friendly accounts manager, and she helped me work things out but unfortunately working things out meant I had to dish out 98 bucks to pay some dumb overdraft charges. I learned the lesson of money management today like a real grown up.

Another added pleasure was getting a call my dad saying that my mother is worried about me getting married. She doesn't want me to a be a spinster like my older brother. She is worried I might pick a professional life over a family life.



  1. Wait until you get a mortgage,it's pretty surreal.

    Also ignore your mom and do what you want. Being married young is overrated. Believe me I did it, and I was stupid. There is nothing that bugs me more than 19 year olds with kids. I know, I'm judgmental and no I don't have kids. At least I rebelled in that area. :)

  2. I'm feeling the pressure and I'm only 20 (by the way, I am younger than you?? Crazy.) Doing grown-up things is one of my hugest fears but I've found that if I set small goals for myself, like, say, forcing myself to check my bank account every week (that's actually important, i went all summer without checking) then I can slowly work up to acting like an adult, which I technically am.

    ps. I love the picture of Jason Schwartzman. He's such a hottie.

  3. I would grow up in a second if Jason Schwartzman was my man.

    p.s. thanks for the advice ladies.

  4. Your brother doesn't have to be a spinster...
    if you catch my drift.

  5. Oh boy do I.......want to live in alaska, sarai?