Saturday, October 2, 2010

The forbidden fruit

I know that the Bible clearly states that it is a sin to covet thy neighbor's possessions. But since the first day I saw the fruitful branches that hang over into my backyard area behind my apartment, I have wanted to pick the heavenly smelling peaches that dangle from the tree.
On my initial evaluation of the situation, I was afraid that we might have been too late in picking the peaches. There were smooshed, decaying, and buggy peaches everywhere. The best of the best peaches were at the very top of the tree. So, I enlisted the help of my taller room mate Mira to help me in my quest for the sweet morsels.

Alas, we were both ineffective in our goal due to us being vertically disadvantaged. We then had our chivalrous friend, Rani, fetch a chair and shake some branches for us. He was able to pull a ladder from the other side of the fence and use it to retrieve the ripened treats.

After collecting a shirt full of peaches without being discovered and yelled at by our neighbors........I still have no idea what I want to do with them
But When you neighbor's peach tree gives you peaches, you make.........cobbler?

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