Saturday, October 9, 2010

Star Struck by Surfer Blood

I am still smirking from last night's concert at the Urban Lounge. This would be my first show at this venue and  I found the atmosphere light and the crowd friendly. It was 12:30 when Surfer Blood finally hit the stage. Their performance was great. I had never listened to them before and I thought they were interesting performers. I was front and center for the whole show and I didn't take my eyes off of the lead singer and guitarist, John Paul Pitts.

I seriously stared at him through all of his songs and he kept looking at me. I even made him smile a few times during the songs. I am not much of a dancer at shows. I much prefer really observing the performers and the little details of a live show( hence the staring). When they were done I reached out and asked for the guitar pick that he had been using all night. I was trying to get it so I could one up my friend who got the drum sticks from the earlier band. He then looked directly at me and with a knowing look, smiled, and then proceeded to walk off stage............

Encore time:
Mr. lead vocals and guitarist was called back on stage and he played a few of his slower ballad-type songs. I continued to stare just to see if he would keep staring.................

then......the shows ends. My friend is trying very hard to get something from John Paul. John Paul leans down and untapes the set list from the sweat stained stage. Then, he places the set list in my hand, leans over and whispers in my ear, "can I buy you a drink?"


I was so surprised and tickled by the invitation but reality hit hard when I realized that I was not going to be able to hang out with the baby-faced musician since I was there on a date. After the show, the people closest to me in the crowd asked me what he had said. I told the girl closest to me what he had said and she gave me a large pat on the back. I also tried to look to my friends and date for advice on my next mode of action. My friend Christian asked me to get his autograph for him. So, I went up and chit-chatted (everyone who knows me, knows how I do that.) and I told him that I wouldn't be able to get that drink with him. He said that we could just hang out for a bit. I then threw in the fact that I had a midterm that morning and gave him one last "you were really great and so cute" and then left with the boy I came with.

Even though I am sure that the guy just wanted some after concert action, I do wish that I would have been able to grab that drink with him.....the bar might've had a dr. pepper somewhere. A few days later he added me on facebook and told me that maybe we could hang the next time the band comes to Salt Lake. Who knows? Maybe we will get that drink sometime. 


  1. Wow, this is like the best story ever! Way better than I anticipated. I am very sad that I missed this show and that I missed this little love interest. Just think, you could be Mrs. Surfer Blood! How cool would that be?! AND friends on Facebook equals very cool!

  2. Ha, Spencer I am glad your enjoyed it. It was so funny at the time.