Friday, December 24, 2010

There is HOPE.

Meet Mavis.

Do you remember back in elementary school when your teacher led your class to the computer lab twice a week to practice your typing with some fun basketball speed typing game? Well, I went to every one of those lessons and I enjoyed every game. The only problem is I was a cheater. I always looked at my fingers and I never fully mastered the home key finger positions. The ugly truth is I am a 21 year old non-typer. I have been pecking away at class papers, Gchat convos, and blog posts for years. This is something of an embarrassment when it comes to typing in front of people. This last summer, I was among fellow peckers in the computer class I taught. I learned a very valuable lesson from working with the women in my class. I learned life is about growing, learning, and improving one's self. One women who helped me realize this was named Intisaar. Her name in Arabic means triumph and that is exactly what she did everyday. Intisaar was in her late 40's and she was always so excited to learn. She helped me realize that you are never too old to learn.

This is where a certain Christmas gift from Hayley comes in. Hay has laughed at me forever about my meager attempts at speedy typing. She thoughtfully with a little tongue and cheek gave me Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing cd for her annual Xmas gift. So, I think I found my new project for Christmas Break. Thanks for the present, Hayface.