Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Yes, a post about finals.....

I wish the stacks of books I have to read looked this good.

To the average college student, finals is a word that is more taboo than He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named's name.
You know finals week has hit when you find your self asking people how they are more than once in a single conversation. A common mistake that I make occasionally with quick passings but more consistently during my scattered days of final studying. Many kids are lucky and get to experience the joy of finals weeks. The week before finals always seems to be my busiest time in a semester. But I thought I would try and post a little something before the true craziness marks me with its black X.

There are perks to finals week that I think go unrecognized.
My favorite things about the last week of school:
1. The HBLL's extended hours with the closing songs that play. Last night, I got to exit the library with a ear full of some cheery Christmas music. Seriously, the library is a place I save for special occasions and that is what keeps my bitterness at bay about spending hours upon hours in the dark underbelly of the Hublib.(trying out my new name for the lib)
2. Book buy backs.....extra cash to spend on that special someone.
3. The enjoyment of working super hard and stressing out so much to have it all be over in a matter of three hours.

It will be all over soon enough. That's the greatest perk.

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