Monday, December 20, 2010

a trivial war.

The same seasonal breaks from BYU that allow me to relinquish my scholarly duties for a few weeks also allow me to pick up a friendly game of Trivial Pursuit with the old high school crowd. Over the years, the level of excitement and anticipation for this game of trivia has fluctuated but the level of competition has remained the same. The original roster of players has changed over time but we have been able to hold on to many of the genuine competitors. The intent of the game is purely for entertainment purposes yet the night always seems to escalate and end in tears, raised voices, and challenges for another trivial match. I have a feeling tonight's game will not be any different from past games. Perfect Jordan will win and Katie will be so mad. It is sure to be war.


  1. What an upset. Brad wins??? But Katie was still mad. Prediction half right. Great game! Lets do it at least once more over the break.

  2. this is probably one of my favorite blogs