Friday, December 31, 2010

A lot of time on my hands

The purchasing of Netflix may have been the best and the worst decision I made during this break. Sure, now I am caught up on all the film/t.v. I could ever want to follow but more specifically I got caught up on all the great Arabic films Netflix has to offer. "Paradise Now" is and will always be my favorite Arabic film. They show it in all the MESA classes and I am sure it is offered as extra credit in some other classes too. The film is simply amazing. I mostly love to listen to the Shami Arabic in it. I love the film because it portrays the reality that faces many young disillusioned Arab youth in the region. Suicide bombing is a product of its environment. I would never condone the act but I recognize the patterns and understand the emotions behind it. "Paradise Now" conveys those emotions perfectly. This post was not suppose to get me talking about big issues like suicide bombing. The source of the post is much more superficial. It began with me watching the movie on my computer and just thinking about how great Kasi Nashef is. Is he not the most beautiful man? I hope that every person( interested in the Middle East or not) will watch this movie.

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  1. i liked this post. and fully endorse the watching of this movie