Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cold feet

Well, it is that time a year again in Provo when the days of winter semester are either rainy, snowy, or just bone-chillingly freezing. With the change in weather, a change in wardrobe is obligatory. I don't know what it is but I just cannot seem to grapple the concept of boots. I don't know why I am so different from all the other kids at school. Everyone seems perfectly comfortable wearing their hip leather boots or even those awful furry yeti foot coverings yet I walk around with cloth Mary Janes. Last year, I managed the cold treacherous walks to campus all in a pair of Toms. I just hate boots. I have several logical and some illogical reasons for hating boots with every fiber of my being. Let me first justify and even define my hatred for boots.
1) I am 5'4 and convinced that boots would indeed make my legs look super weird.
2) I prefer slip on shoes.
3) I don't feel like I need to add to the already large boot population on campus.
4) Being told I have to have something makes be even more non-compliant.
5) Finally, I hate boots on me but not on everyone. I know many classy ladies with excellent boots( Hayface, Katie, Becca, and her cute little sis.)
After several bitter days at school I have finally broke down and will soon buckle up for what I am sure will be a bumpy and drawn out search for some winter shoery.
Yes, I intend to purchase some boots. Let me know if any of you have some suggestions on where I could find some boots.


  1. Jenni, I hated boots too but this winter I caved in and bought a pair. I lived in them. And then I bought 3 more. My husband bought me a pair of Uggs for xmas and they are the most comfortable, amazing gift I have ever received. You will wear them everyday. Promise. Also I am 5'4, I have no doubt that you will rock them.

    This is my favorite pair if Uggs are not your thing. They are even more comfortable than flats and they fit over my mega calves.

    Also order from endless or zappos, free overnight shipping and you have 365 days to make up your mind with free returns. Nothing to lose friend!

  2. Target has some cute boots for not a lot of money that would not make your legs look weird, but would, in fact, add to their adorable nature. Check their stash out online. Also, keep an eye out at DI. That's where I got 2 of my hmmm... 5 pairs?

  3. please dont wear ugg boots. i dont talk to people who wear uggs. uggggggggggggggggg.

  4. Megan, never fear! I will never be that desperate. I choose frostbite over uggggggggggs.

    Sufi, thanks for the idea. I do hope for a good pair of second hand boots. Insha allah.

    Layla, I looked at those boots. katir cute. I will keep them in mind.

  5. Carly just got these boots ( Everyone and their mom has them, but I really really like them on girls and I don't care that they are everywhere! I think they are simple, but look really nice! Macy's had them on sale for $64.95 or something too.

  6. Um oh yeah, and Sperry Top-sider has these cute ankle boots that I think would look so good on you. Sperry Top-sider ladyfish ankle boots.

    And I still love my uggs. LOVE.