Monday, January 24, 2011

A new means of communication

These were just cute.
TWITTER! Everyone is doing it, right? I initially joined twitter at a friend's suggestion and am now renewing my interest in it again for Becca. I look at most of the social networking fads and the public displays of statuses as part of our generation. Sure, one could choose to rise above these things and analyze the facebooking, commenting, tweeting, blogging world as ridiculous and leading to the downfall of real human interaction but I choose to be less pessimistic and give each forum of instant information a chance. Does anyone else have twitter? Follow me
Disclaimer: May not be the most interesting.


  1. twitter is great! i used to have it. twice. but then i deleted it both times. i think i just got annoyed with all of the updates from my followers. haha! its really great for taking note of the happenings of your day, for sure!

  2. I thought your new means of communication was communication by cupcakes.

    As is probably surprising, I don't have twitter. shoot.

  3. Maybe I could communicate through bake goods. I could call it "sweeting."


  4. Oh my gosh. Such an awesomely bad pun Jenni. You rule.

  5. oh so clever.
    also. glad you are enjoying life so.

  6. speaking of twitter, did you know that they took Narcissism out of the DSM. The most common theory behind the removal is that with the advent of facebook and twitter, the vast majority of users would by definition have narcissistic disorder. i learned that in my lit class today.