Tuesday, January 25, 2011

those things

Do you ever find yourself smiling uncontrollably? You have just found something uniquely charming, heard someone tell you something really great, found a new song that has just change your life, and whatever else stimulates you in a way that you just cannot help but feel a sort of traffic jam in your chest. I just have been noticing the little things. Just like Jesse Eisenberg in "Zombieland" I actively try to enjoy those things that confront you everyday and make you happy( yes, I just watched the movie last night. Still great.). I guess all this comes from interacting with many people who are impervious to this feeling I am referring to called "happiness." I know that I have had my share of very low points that almost felt bottomless but I am just so happy to be alive. I am here to experience, enjoy, love, smirk, listen to, laugh about, procrastinate, work hard, self-improve, and just be. 

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